Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I really like SoundCloud

I really like sound cloud because I can share the music very easily, listen to what others shared, and attach comments to a time line. Myspace also allows you to share music, but I hate their page design and one has to go to your MySpace page to listen. SnoCap also has an embeddable player, but is focused on selling your music. So, you can't really share DJ sets and mashups with it. is also cool, but no timeline comments and the widgets are not as good. You can't share one track with Also, I think they have a limitation on the file size which prevents me from uploading full length mixes. So there - I really like SoundCloud. And I will be uploading my mixes and mashups to it as soon as I get around to rendering them :)

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melwilltell said...

I just wrote a small blog about Sound Cloud for my social media and PR class and did a brief google search and came upon your blog. I'm glad to see that the service has impacted and been so beneficial to people like you. I hope that it slowly becomes one of the better known sites known for sharing music because it truly seems to be doing a great job!